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    SketchCrawl #2xxxxxxxMisc. Sketches























    On to SkethCrawl™ #2 !



    SketchCrawl is a little experiment I did on Saturday August 14th.
    The Idea: Sketch irrevocabily for a whole day out in the city (San Francisco). Recording all I could of what I did and saw . A marathon of drawing. The day was a blast ... here are the 19 pages of drawing I filled.

    want to read more about how SketchCrawl came to be? visit the Photo-journal.


    Here's the materials page. This is the only page I didn't draw on saturday, but actually friday night on Bart on my way home, as I was formulating the rules of the next day.






















    First actual page of the day. First Coffee. I started my wanderings from the Castro.
























    Castro Teather. I saw LA DOLCE VITA there the night before the Crawl.























    F-line, cutest trams around and they come in different colors. They are actually all from different cities. Some from Melbourne some from Milan (the orange ones).




















    On the Tram.
























    I get off at Embarcadero. What a royaly grey day! It even started drizzling when I did this watercolor. I longed for some blue color in the sky ... but no luck.























    Interestingly I've been meaning to go to the Farmers' market for years, but this is the first time I've made it there.


































    I linger a little longer by the docks before heading up toward coit tower.
























    Filbert Steps are an amazing little staiway to get from Embarcadero up to Coit Tower and North Beach.























    These are the different details of the gardends and houses that sorround the steps.
























    Finally up on the hilltop and over in North Beach. By this time I was in need of a break and some sustenance.























    In northbeach I stop in front of City Lights Books, an historical and beautiful bookstore funded in 1953 by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti.
















    Then I duck into Vesuvio, an awesome pub right by the bookstore, for a break.







    I take a small alley and I am in the heart of Chinatown. The chickens grab my attention first.















    You'll notice the change of paper here. I am drawing and watercoloring on white paper now instead of cream. I thought I was liking to work on nonwhite paper ... but the brilliance of the colors on white sure looks nice and refreshing.




































    at this point I started getting tired and the drawings from here on sure look like it. I am about to call it a day. I start heading toward Market street to take a Tram back to the Castro.




















    But I keep at it on the ride back home.

























    Then I end up having time on my hands. Just a little more drawing... at this point I also watercolored a few of the sketches I hadn't been able to color during the day.
























    and I call it a day.




    It was quite the interesting experiment, it felt great to take the time to do this. It has also made me sketch more often since ... give it a try if you're so inclined and be sure to let me know how it goes.