8-12-04 :: A review at comicreaders.

8-01-04 :: Comic-con was a blast, thank you all for the support and all the Mia love! It was really heart warming ... X) Just found this new review of Mia's second issue at 4th Rail.

7-13-04 :: Get your copy of the Adventures of Mia issue 2 and Art of Mia (back in stock) now at !! We ship internationally and I send most of the books myself, so you have a very good chance of getting a signed copy. And if you're gonna be at San Diego Comic-Con come visit booth #1422 !!

6-26-04 :: A Mia 2 article by Jen Contino up at the Pulse.

6.23.04:: The Adventures of Mia issue 2 is premiering at Mocca this weekend in New York! Be sure to stop at the Monkeysuit Press table! I sent some signed copies of the new book to the MS guys! So be sure to stop by early! I also sent some Mia t-shirts! Don't miss this great small convention, it really has a great vibe to it.

6-11-04 :: First review of Mia issue 2 up at diverging!

6-04 :: Mia issue 2 is arrived!

And here is a Preview for you!

Mia issue 2 is in June's Previews for order, please support it and mention it to your preferred retailer! We hope to have the book soon available for order online as well. Stay tuned.

Oh and here also a review of issue 1 at Diverging Comics.

5-04 :: Mia issue 2 is off to the printer! Should have the books made in 10 days or so ... X). Working also on a preview for it, here on the site.

2-04 :: Mia T-shirts are available for purchase!

The Alternative Press Expo is also coming to San Francisco on feb 21 and 22! If you get a chance come around table 515 and say hi!

1 -04 :: Some Mia press!!

an interview at with yours truly, check it out over here.

And one at with Jennifer Contino, over here here.

and some reviews!

the4thRail review 1

the4thRail review 2

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11-03 ::
Issue #1 of the adventures of Mia
is in stores!

7-03 :: The SanDiego Comicon went swell, check the journal for some photos from it

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::Mia guests' gallery A ton of amazing artists have done renditions of Mia ... don't miss it! I am truly proud of this gallery ...


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