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:: 02.24.2004

Ape Ape Ape Ape ! Alternative Press Expo was a lot of fun!

There was a great vibe to it, Ronnie and I loved it.
Way artsier than Comicon, great venue too.
I get the feeling that artists are selling artifacts
instead of comics at these Cons. Great little books,
put together with sweat and tears, bound and stitched one by one.
There were also a lot of nice art prints around,
it really made me want to do more of that.
I attach some photos of the fun weekend ... wish I took more ...
We met a ton of great people, though they pretty much melted
all in one giant uber fan in my memory ... pretty scary really. X)
But anyway, it's always a great morale booster
to hear from the readers and fans of our books !
I think both Ronnie and I are pretty fired up
about doing as much as we can in our upcoming projects ...
And we sure have plenty of them in the making ...
Now we just have to find an alternative reality where time moves very slow for who draws ...

Anyway ... thanks so much to all of you that stopped by,
thanks for the support and drive you give us!


:: Yours truly

:: warped table

:: Gerin and Ronnie

:: page22 roughed out!

:: View from our table

:: Spacious aisle ...

:: Lynn and Chris

Listening to: - Fantastic Cat - Takako Minekawa :: from Recubed Up


:: 02.11.2004

Humpday morning ...

Well, life is going as usual, busy at work
and not finding much time for Mia.
On the bright side, as some of you might have noticed,
I have started selling the Mia t-shirts on the internet ...
Now you can get your Mia shirt from Timbuktu to Venice !
The shirt seems to be a success, at least people seem to
like the design around here at Pixar.
Anyway ... the alternative Press Expo is approaching (Feb21-22)
looking forward to meeting some of you there.
Ok then ...
Here's a photo I took in Italy last november ...


:: tanto verde

Listening to: - Ghostwriter - RjD2 :: Deadringer

My life has turned around ... and quite fast at that.

I moved to a new apartment in Cole valley in San Francisco two weeks ago.
The move has proved to be like turning the page of a book for me.
One of those strange moments in life, where you've reached a point, a small summit,
where you can see quite clearly the path behind you
and also a bit of the path ahead of you. An instant of some clarity.
The road to travel is new and interesting ... full of twists and turns I bet.
I feel sort of silly saying this, but I am feeling positively adventurous about it.


:: 01.30.2004

Friday morning ...

The t-shirts are here !!! And here's the design.
Plane in front, Mia in the back, 2 color shirts, brown and asphalt grey.
I am really pleased at the way they turned out !!!
I'll take some photos when I get a chance.
I will be setting up a paypal payment option from this site.
So you should be able to order them in a day or two!
Or if you are planning to attend Ape, you can just buy them from me there ...
Spread the word !


brown front

brown back


Listening to: - Strange days - the Doors ::


:: 01.22.2004

Thursday morning ...

Mia t-shirts are ordered ! Gonna get them back in 2 weeks.
I am pretty excited about that, hope they'll come out right.
I am using Cinderblock (a company here in the Emeryville area)
Ronnie and I (yes, we're both making shirts!) went to visit them
a couple of days ago and made All final arrangements and decisions ...
Color wise I was planning to have a brown and a blue/teal shirt.
But I wasn't able to find a blue I liked, so I opted to go for a nice
grey asphalt color that seems to go very well with the design.
Anyway, I will have the shirts available at APE and I will also
be selling them here on the site through paypal and also at
I'll upload the design soon !
Anyway ... other than that, life is as usual ... a little frazzled and busy ...

Ok, photos ... let's see, here's a cool door ...
I have a weakness for doors ... I seem to take a lot
of pictures of them ... this one was taken in Nervi
(a little town close to Genova) in a small side street.


:: Porta verde

Listening to: - Please Sister - the Cardigans :: from Long Gone Before Daylight


:: 01.11.2004

Sunday night...

Working late here at the office ... on page 6 of Haiku.
Almost done ! I should be able to upload it tomorrow ...
Damn it got late ... it's 9:30 ...
ah the curse of wanting to being creative !
Sometimes I think I am not able to actually just relax ...
X) Anyway ... I had a productive weekend.
I have a couple of good designs for the T-shirts.
Tomorrow I'll send it to the company I'll be using for some
specific questions, such as number of colors and price differences !
I'd love to do one design but on 2 different colors shirts
We'll see what's doable ... I'll share more on that soon !
well ...
Time to go home ... and how ...


Listening to: Prince - Cream (Jeez that's old!)


:: 01.10.2004

Buon Giorno .... saturday morning ... Sitting at a Cafe on Cole Street.
Let me tell you: I love wireless technology.
I am here sipping coffee and efforlessly updating the weblog on my laptop.
More and more cafes have this Wi-Fi set up.
Free wireless internet connection, can't beat that.
Anyway, this morning I am trying to design a Mia T-shirt ...
I have a few layout ideas...
trying a few things on photoshop ...
Gotta find something I am happy with quickly
so I can have them done in time for APE.
For some inspiration I might head over to the recently opened
Giant Robot store, here just around the corner ...
They have a lot of cool t-shirts and some groovy design books.
Incidentally if everything goes right GR might carry "fragments" in their stores ...
I think it'd do well there, as it's very much up their alley ...
Anyway ... that's about it ...
Let's see, what photo to share today ...
ok found it. (real time weblogging! X))

Have a nice weekend !


:: cancello


:: 01.05.2004

Buon Anno Nuovo !
Happy new Year !
Akemashite Omedetou gozaimasu !
Back to work, after a nice relaxing but productive holiday break.
I worked through it, but it didn't even feel like it, quite nice ...
So ... Jen at "the Pulse" just put out an interview
with yours truly on the site.
It was a lot of fun answering her questions ...
Check it out over here!

Well, gotta run now,
I have a pitch in 5 minutes ...
Gotta hit the ground running here... X)
oh and here's a photo ...
it was taken in the Marina area in SF.
later !


:: a night walk


:: 12.26.2003

Merry belated xmas and happy new year.
Hope you're all having good holidays
Been a very quiet christmas for me, just stayed here in SF.
A much needed small break ...
I relaxed, did some work on my comics and watched a lot of movies ...
BTW if you haven't seen the movie Frieda yet, run to rent it !
I finally saw it and found it touching and beautiful.
Well, that's it... have a great newyearseve !
Here's one photo I took in november
A blue boat in the small Portofino harbour.



:: Barca Blu


:: 11.19.2003

Loving this week off ...
Watching movies, reading and doing some comics too ...
Oh and tomorrow I'll be 32 ... well that's not all that great ... X)
but luckily I still have the mind of 8 years old ...
anyway ... I have 3 photos to show you, these are taken from my car
as I drive home from Pixar to the bay bridge...



:: Billboard

:: yellowgreen sunset

:: Oakland street


:: 11.14.2003

Friday ...just delivered my sequence at work ...
2 weeks vacation ahead of me ... sweeet!
A lucky coworker of mine (Jason Katz=talented and experienced story artist here at Pixar)
last week got to go to Japan with John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton
for the opening of Finding Nemo over there.
He got to hang out at Studio Ghibli, Ghibli museum and
even sit right next to Miyazaki for a friendly dinner and chat ...
he also got to see the new trailer to MiyaSan's upcoming movie
Howl's moving castle.
Obviously I am greeeen with envy ...
What an amazing trip ... he was throughly inspired by the experience...
I'd kill him for the jealousy if it wasn't that he brought back cookies for us ...
Ghibli Museum cookies that is ...



:: Ghibli cookie


:: 11.10.2003

November is already here... wow...
Autumn is finally really showing around here... love it.
Wish I had a fireplace though ... X)
So ... haiku5-7-5 is going pretty well, I uploaded page 2 on saturday ...
The story is starting to take shape in my head ...
I am getting quite a bit of good feedback on it, the readers seem into it ...
As I expected this situation really functions as a great motivator !
Other than that ... let's see ... I have this week of work and then 2 weeks off !
Yes! Much needed vacation ... a trip to Italy is the plan...
visiting family and all ... should also be fun with my new camera over there.
Which brings me to this photo I took last night as I was heading
toward the bay bridge from Oakland ... it was quite the view.
Hope you like it
ok then ... later !


:: Red and blue


:: 10.29.2003

So ... is up and running!
My webcomic experiment has indeed started ... I just uploaded a quick cover I did for it.
Next a few exploratory sketches and then page 1 !
Look forward to hear your impressions on that project ...
I also thought it'd be time for me to learn Dreamweaver,
So I took the opportunity with this new website to get into that ...
might make for a slightly clunky website for a while, but I am sure
it'll look better soon as learn a little more of the sofware ...
Other then that be sure to check the sketch of the week session since I've been
updating more regularly ... ok then ... later !



oh almost forgot ... here's one photo as well

::Cow hollow


:: October 24th 2003

Friiday !!
All is pretty good ... had a bit of time to work on a new
comic I intend to publish on the internet ...
Been giving the internet comics thing a lot of thought
and I've pretty much made up my mind on going for it.
I am not going to do Mia on the net, not for now at least, but
I have a new story to try for the web and the working title for now is:
Haiku 5-7-5.
I will probably try a weekly or biweekly update system,
that'll be the hard part ... consistency
But I am pretty excited about trying this experiment.
The cool thing about it is going straight on with a story:
without knowing myself exactly where the plot will lead us ...
Anyway ... More on Haiku 5-7-5 soon ! X)

... and here's 3 photos for ya ...


:: After Sunset @ tank hill

:: Bay bridge sunset

:: Pixar


:: October 14th 2003

Tuesday ... back to work ...
The weekend was quite nice ...
It was Fleet week here in San Francisco and the Blue Angels were here
together with a lot of other cool planes in the bay's skies.
So I have a ton of shots of blue planes ! X)
Well, don't worry I weeded them down to 5 shots ...
but it was hard.
I was also around the city trying to sell some Mia books
straight to a couple of comicbook retailers.
That wasn't much fun,
but that's a story for another day.
So Anyway, here's the blue Angels.


:: Up

:: Around

:: Down

:: Neat

:: woah ...


:: October 10th 2003

I am off today ... they gave us a 4 day weekend
after the big push we just had ...
Pretty nice ...
Really need a little chill out time. Anyway ...
Thank you all for the words of encouragement regarding Mia.
I am certainly keeping at it ... it's just that it's truly hard
to get it out there, the small press way ... There's gotta be a better way ...
I am even starting to consider web based comics ...
If anyone has suggestions and/or experience in that,
please chime in and share some thoughts. Thanks.

Sad thing is that yesterday we lost Chilly, my girlfriend cute as hell white fluffy dog.
We are still looking for him ... we lost him here at work at Pixar ...
The bugger chewed his way out of a leash ...
We put up Lost Dog signs around Emeryville and Berkeley ...
Hope to find him soon ...
Ok then ...
Here's 3 more photos from that saturdaynight walk,
(that I actually took with Chilly ... Chillito for friends ... X) )



one last word, to say that I really enjoy these new comments boxes ...
Thanks to who suggested these !
And please, everyone, feel free to join in and drop a line ...

:: Stanyan

:: Bus stop

:: Laundromat

Chillito was found ! An animator here at Pixar
thought it a stray and took him home ...
He's back now ... still fluffy and white ...

:: chillito


:: October 8th 2003

Been a bummer of a week ....
I am tired as hell and hunched over like a gargoyle.
too much work and outside of that things haven't been going great either.
Since sunday, it has been an emotional rollercoaster.
Today to top it all off I got Mia's orders from Diamond (the ditributors)
and the numbers are quite disappointing ... retailers didn't order much.
Rover issue 2 didn't do well either with the order.
Not sure what we're doing wrong at Monkeysuit press ...
But it sure is a little demoralizing ...
I knew it's impossible to make a buck at selfpublishing,
but this way it'll get hard even just to break even ...
uhm ... sorry, had to vent a little ...
We'll see how it'll go with Mia with time ...
tough week though ...
On a better note I have some cool photos to share ...
I really like these ... I took them on that walk the other night in Cole valley.
These 3 were all taken with a 15mm fisheye lens.
Love this new lens ...
Let me know what you think ...
ok ...


:: Garage

:: Tank Hill

:: Blue Room


:: October 5th 2003

I am at work ... but despite that
the weekend hasn't been all that horrible.
Last night I had a nice walk with Chilly (as in white fluffy dog)
around Cole valley ... testing my new camera ...
It was a lot of fun and I took a ton of photos ...
But before showing some of those, I have 3 photos I took
the previous night ... the coolest stove and my car ...

Let me know what you think ...


:: perfection


:: perfection too


:: October 3nd 2003

Hey this is kind of exciting ... has just put up an interview with me, about Mia ...
I was pleasantly surprised, it turned out really well !
Check it out here: Newsarama
or directly here for the article/interview.

Let me know what you think ...




:: October 2nd 2003

Thursday morning.
Been darn busy at work ...
I find it hard to keep up with life when the work schedule gets this busy ...
Bills don't get paid ... apartment starts resembling nuclear wasteland ...
You know what I am talking about right ?
And even worse ... doing much work on Mia is pretty much impossible.
Oh well ... I better stop moaning ... X)
How about some good news ... let's see ...
My new camera is awesome !
I purchased a Canon Rebel EOS digital and a nice Sigma fisheye lens with it too.
I haven't had much time to test it, but I do have a couple of photos to share.
Definately more to come !
The other good news is that Mia issue 1 is now available for purchase on the internet.
From all over the world. You can find it in the Monkeysuit Press' site store!
Just go to Monkeysuit!
Can't wait for the book to reach the stores ? (November 1st btw)
well now you can get it pronto ...
and once again thanks everyone for the support with Mia!
It's really giving me a great drive in the work on issue 2.
Ok, enough for today
here's the photos ....



:: rosa



:: September 24th 2003

Wednesday morning ...
Had a nice run in the sunset district of San Fran last night ...
I was in the mood to take some photos ... (running with a camera isn't easy btw)
Other than that my mind is pretty blank this morning so ...
here they are ...


:: curves 1

:: fire hydrant

:: curves 2


:: September 22th 2003

I have just installed a code to enable commenting ...
it's right at the bottom of each post ...
I am adding it to the past posts as well,
so that if you're interested in commenting on a specific old photo, it's now possible...
(As a matter of fact I'd encourage you to go back and comment on
some of the photos or posts you particularly enjoyed.
Thank you in advance for the feedback.)
So ... try it out ... hope it works ... X)

Anyway ...
Today I happened to look at this journal and I found my self rereading it and actually enjoying it.
Photos and diary ... interesting ... kind of silly of me I guess ...
But it kind of threw me into this nostalgic funk ... about New York, Italy and Japan ...
It also certainly made realize I haven't been taking enough photos lately !
I used to post so many ...
Gotta do a better job at that ... but I think it might not be too hard,
since I am considering a new camera purchase ... the new digital Canon Rebel SRL.
Now that would certainly make taking more pictures pretty easy ... X)
Not sure yet though ....

On the Mia front I've been keeping an encouranging and steady pace on issue 2 !
In fact I inked 3 pages this past weekend ...
It's turning into a late night ritual ... ink a page or so, before bed ...
It'd be great if I can keep this kind of pace ...
well, ok then ... I'll stop blabbering and I'll show you a photo ...
Kind of old ... around a year, taken in Brooklyn ...


:: Brunch @ Le Table


:: September 18th 2003

The darn Blog isn't working very well, not only it's hard to add
a "post a comment" option, but it's also giving me a real
hard time publishing any message at all ...
Stay tuned ... as I try and figure this out ... or ...
if you have suggestions (or a nice html template) please feel free to e-mail me ...
Right now I am trying to set up a "post a comment feature" here on this page.
I think that'd be better ... but my html knowledge is pretty much zero ...
Copy and paste, that I know how to do ... X)

ok, later !



:: September 15th 2003

Buonasera !
Sorry been too busy at work ... not much updating ....
But I have some interesting news !
Someone pointed out to me, that the journal right now doesn't allow for
interaction from the viewers ... like a blog would .... so I thought I would try
and test a BLOG for a little while and see how it goes.
Not really sure there's a real interest for it ...
but worse case scenario I'll just come back here to post ...
so here goes:

the new blog ...

The new updates are gonna be there ....
Check it out and please feel free to chime in ...

take care


:: September 2nd 2003

Wow, September is here ... that August went fast ...
Well, feels like summer is over ... even around here ...

Let me get a photo out of my system before I give you some news ...
I have a neat cloud one to share ....

Beautiful uh ?
So ....
The Small Press Expo (SPX) in Bethesda Maryland is this coming weekend !
I can't make it but a few of the Monkeysuit guys are gonna be there.
The superdarntalented Bill NAZISMASHER Presing will be there ... go say hi ...
The table will naturally have all the monkeysuit books, the new Mia issue1
and also a few copies of Fragments .... not many of them ...
so get one early if you can ...
Ronnie and I signed all the books today, before shipping them.

The monkeysuit website btw just updated its store and announced a Sale!
35% off of all the books, t-shirts and such .... pretty neat deal ...
Go Monkeysuit! now. Mike Foran, the alsosuperdarntalented author of Rover and WebsiteMagicianExtraordinaire,
has been at work on some new cool intros for the Monkeysuit site ...
so expect some new updates as Mia issue1's shipping date nears ...
well, ok then ...




:: August 28th 2003

Thursday ... quite a busy week, but things are winding down a bit ...
Yesterday the latest "Previews" (the Diamond's comic catalogue) came out !
Mia issue 1 is indeed in it !
It got a nice "spotlight on" and a "certified cool".
Also our ad is on the same page. Pretty exciting ...
I am really looking forward to see how Mia will do in orders.
It's set to ship in November ... so, if you are a retailer buy plenty please! You'll need them ! X)
and if you are a Mia fan, bust your retailer's chops to order plenty ! XP
On the Fragments front, I also had encouraging news this week.
Kinokuniya bookstore in San Francisco already sold out
of the 10 copies they bought from us a couple of weeks ago ...
That was quite fast ... I am quite proud of that !
And to finish ... one last bit propaganda ! (Sorreee ... a lot of that today ... X) )
Here's the ad that's featured in Previews ... ok ...


PS: I wish I was still on a beach !!! X(



:: August 22th 2003

I am fresh out of a beautiful vacation on Lake Michigan.
Cross Village, a remote little place 2 hours from
Traverse City MI (Cherry Capital of the world!)
First time I ever went to Michigan ... interesting state ...
Lots of swimming, walks on the beach, kayaking, bonfires, star gazing and such ...
We even saw the northern lights. Beautiful really ... and somewhat purging ...
Nothing better to put things in perspective than looking
at a huge sky full, and I mean really full, of stars!!
We really are puny little humans ... X)
Anyway ... done a lot of thinking and relaxing ...
And I am now unfortunately back to work ... but not for long ! Weekend's here. X)
I have a few photos to share ... the first one is actually the only one from Michigan
The other two I took last night here at Pixar ... quite the amazing sunset !

Oh one last thing: Take more vacations !!! We work too hard !


:: Sunset on Lake Michigan

:: sunset

:: A Bay Bridge sunset


:: August 11th 2003

Mooonday ... a little tired, but a good monday non the less !
I am quite proud to say that Kinokuniya Bookstore
in San Francisco's Japan town is carrying Fragments !!
Ronnie and I love that bookstore and we are really happy to have our book there.

Their selection of design/art/graffiti books is really interesting and diverse,
so I thought I'd give it a try with Fragments and lucky enough their books seller
is a really nice guy . His name is Mark, young fella' bit of a writer and artist himself
with an interesting site too. Check it here : Infinityscene.

We also have a good chance of getting the book in the NewYork's Kinokuniya store
Which would be pretty amazing, since I simply love that store ... used to hang out in there for hours.
They have a cute cafe .... books and coffee ... all I need to be happy pretty much ... X)
anyyyyway ...
Here's a couple of photos I took in Santa Monica a weekend ago ...
ok, later !

:: Tre gabbiani

:: Tramonto


:: August 8th 2003

Hello !
Today it's an excellent day ... Let's just say Pixar is quite an awesome company.
But you know that already ... oh well ... can't say more ... X) .
Also going to see Bjork tonight here in San Fran!
Should be fun.

I just spent some time making a gallery of all the interpreations of Mia
that a lot of friends and fans have done in the last year or two.
It's gonna be a growing gallery since I still have more drawings to add to it.
But please take a look
And please send me your drawings of Mia,
if you have any laying around or if inspiration strikes ... X)
Thanks everyone !!



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