Pixar is one of the best animation studios in the world. This studio has created lots of different movies and lots of people also enjoy the movies along with their kids. However, it is quite a surprise that this animation studio sometimes puts some dark scenes that can be very scary for the kids as in Toy Story movies.
– Naughty Kids
Toy story tells about how kids play and interact with their favorite toys and the toys will be alive when the kids leave them. In one of the scenes, there are some naughty kids that abuse their toys. Not only throwing them outside the window, but also burning them into ashes. Violent acts will teach kids that it is okay to abuse toys like that. Maybe, they will also think that it will be perfectly fine to abuse their friends too. Of course, it will make the kids violent because they learn from the so-called kids’ movie.

– Bad Characters
Not only naughty kids, but there are lots of characters in the movie, including toys. The toys want to take over the other toys’ places and it makes them cruel and sadistic towards the toys. They do lots of different things, such as kidnapping, hiding some parts of the toy, breaking the toys, and others.

– Violence
The movie can be very great to teach the kids to love others, but at the same time, the movie can teach bad things to the kids. Unfortunately, there is a lot of violence in the movie without censorship. The kids will see how the other characters break the other body parts of the toys and they will learn how to do it by themselves.

– Bad Words
Bad words can be very dangerous for the kids because they can pick the bad words fast and maybe they might use it in real life even when they are playing online poker in IDN Poker in the future. The bad words are also found in the movie and maybe the adults cannot spot them well because the words are categorized into mild swear words.

Toy Story is an animation movie for kids but, there are some scenes that make the movie quite creepy and scary for the kids. The scary image can linger in a kid’s mind and it will either make them scared or violent.

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