Everything About Animation and Animator – Animation movie is one of the most popular movies in the world. Not only children who like watching animation, but also adults. Many animation movies become box office movies in the world such as Frozen, Frozen II, Mulan, and others. However, not many people know the deeps of the animation. Some people are watching animation without knowing the meaning of animation. Well, animation can be defined as a method to create the movement of an object’s image. In order to create the animation, animators – creator of animation – adjust the frames of the picture. So, the viewers will see that the picture is moving.

Animation can be divided into different types. Each type has a different making process. Some of the different types of animation are traditional animation, 2D, 3D, and motion graphics. The first one is traditional animation. Like its name, this type is the oldest type of animation. In order to make the making process of animation is based on the contemplations of the image. Therefore, the animator needs to draw the picture in a good sequence. Then, all of the pictures are gathering to make an animation movement. It means that to make a simple movement, there will be a lot of images. As a result, traditional animation requires a longer process and higher cost. The second one is 2D animation. The basic concept of 2D animation is the same as the traditional animation. However, the drawing process is done by the computer. So, it will cut the time for drawing the image and the cost to produce animation. The third type is 3D animation. This type is the new development of 2D animation. It uses the same concept of the image’s frame. However, digital technology enables us to make a 3D animation. Nowadays, a lot of animation movies use 3D animation since it looks more real than 2D animation. Another type of animation is motion graphics. This animation is mainly used as a promotional animation since it more focuses on the texts and elements rather than the character.

As mentioned previously, the person who makes the animation is an animator. Being an animator is not an easy thing to do. Not all people can fulfill the requirements and skills of being an animator. Therefore, the number of animators is limited. In order to be a good animator, people need to have some criteria. The first one is creative skills. As you probably know the animator needs to create a new concept of the animation’s story and the detail of the animation movie or clips. So, the animator should be a creative person since it requires an outstanding idea in this work. Another skill is high attention detail. As you can see that in the animation movie, every scene has great detail. An animator should be able to depict all of the required detail in the scene so that there will be no plot hole in the scene. In addition, since the development of technology in animation production is getting better, the animator should be able to operate the computer, software, and tools for creating good animation.

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