Who does not know Cars, the movie from Pixar? This movie has been developed into three sequels and lots of kids have enjoyed the movies a lot. But do you know that the movie cannot be suitable for your kids? Lots of parents have blocked the movies from their list and are learning about the reasons here.

Parent Reviews

Lots of kids seem to have watched the movie when it was first released. The enthusiasm makes lots of parents consider this movie great for the children, but most of them turn the movie off when they only watch it in a short time. There are some reviews that the parents give regarding this movie.

Swear Words

The first thing that the parents notice is that there are lots of swear words that appear in the movie. The swear words listed here are “dumb”, “idiot”, stupid”, “moron”, “fool”, and others. For adults, swear words can be fine and considered mild, but for kids, the words can mean new things that teach them to behave in such a way. Parents believe that children will lose their innocence and they can make them rude in the future because they might think that the words are okay to use.


Not only swear words, but the parts also notice that there is a mild teasing in the movie. It is when a female character flashes her light to the main character, Lightning McQueen. The parents thought that this action is categorized as mild teasing which teaches the children that teasing the opposite sex is okay. But some parents disagree with this because they thought that this is a sexual act that can harm the point of view of the children.


The last thing highlighted by the parents is the violence that appears in the movie. The violent act is when the enemy does dirty tricks to tackle McQueen so that he can win. They also believe that this action will make the children believe that playing dirty is okay and it will help them achieve what they want like when they visit https://citibet88.club to play online Roulette.

There are lots of swear words, although they are ok for adults, the words can teach negative things to your kids. Most parents suggest that children under 12 are not allowed to watch the movie because they can shape their personality.

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