Do you ever watch Car animation movie? This movie is famous all over the world. All people like watching this movie with their family. But, do you know the man behind this great movie? That man is Enrico Casarosa. He is a storyboard of the animation movies. Car is probably one of his greatest works that can wake up the world for not sleeping in his talent. He also works as directors from some movies. Those facts can prove that he is a talented person. Now, Enrico Casarosa is working in the PIXAR company. However, before being a great storyboard artist, he needs to pass such a long way in his early career. And, here is the story of Enrico Casarosa.

Enrico Casarosa was born on October 19, 1970, in Genoa, Italy. He is the person with a great passion for the animation. In order to learn more about animation production, he was studying in two schools that are School of Arts and Fashion of Technology. The School of Arts taught him about the basic animation. Meanwhile, the Fashion of Technology taught him about the illustration. Then, to learn more and fulfill his passion for animation, he moved to the United States of America when he was 20 years old. After that, he got married to Marit and got a beautiful daughter, Fio Giulietta.

Learning the animation through formal education helps him to be more skillful in animation production. Then, he worked in the Blue Sky Studio as the storyboard artist. Here, he got a lot of meaningful lessons since he participated in some animation projects such as Robots and Ice Age. He also participated in the 101 Dalmatian, a Disney’s TV Series. However, his main dream is to work with PIXAR. In order to do that, he tried several times to work with PIXAR. He was rejected several times. But, he didn’t bother to give up. Then, in 2002, he started working with PIXAR after failing several times. The first position is a member of the animation production. As mentioned previously, working with PIXAR is his purpose. The first project was the Car Movies. This animation movie was released in 2006. After that, he started to work on the Ratatouille Movie that was released in 2007. Then, he also contributed to the making of UP Movie. He worked as the storyboard artist for all those movies.

The big change or turn point in his life was La Luna Movie. He worked as the director of this movie. La Luna is a short movie. It got the inspiration of a person who has a dream to go to the moon by using a ladder. He tried his best to make a new story with a meaningful message and detail animation. It makes many people like watching this movie. As a result, this movie was chosen as the nominee of Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. His upcoming project is Lucas Movie in 2021. In this movie, he will work as a director.

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