Even Enrico Casaorsa Struggled in Pixar – Pixar and the name of Enrico Casarosa is like a pair of shoes. They can’t be separated. However, this hadn’t been that way before. Casarosa didn’t always best animator in the giant animation company Pixar. In fact, he needed to make a breakthrough before even recognized by Pixar for his work.

First Struggle: Find the Breakthrough
The first time Casarosa was working in animation, he couldn’t make something big. Realizing his skill on the time, he made only short movie the way first time. However his short movie was so great, and it makes a major breakthrough on his career. La Luna has been a great short animation movie until now.

Just as players will try to bet bigger in as they know their way, Casarosa also enlarges his work. He started working on an animation movie called Cars. It took him years to finish this movie, but the result was satisfying.

A Major Success and Get Stuck
The movie Cars remains well loved by kids and adults until today. The sequel is favorites on millions of people list. As the Cars raised his name, he was expected to make some more. Just as players in http://example.com that struggle to build his online poker skill, Casarosa struggled to work on the main idea of the sequel. It took him years before he found a solid and commercial idea.

However along the way, he managed to create two different animation movies we know today. Within two years, he created Up as well as Ratatouille. Even though these movies are celebrated, the result wasn’t as he and Pixar originally expected.

Amazing Work and More
Feeling not enough, he worked even harder. In 2011, he successfully released the sequel Cars 2. It hits the market well, but still, he expected bigger success than that. He was having a hard time in making Cars 3, and he released The Good Dinosaur in 2015. People started to admire him more, but still, he is trying so hard to make the best third sequel of his first professional movie Cars.

Later, he finally produced and released Cars 3 with major success in market. The movie made a huge hit, people love it, Pixar loves it, and he is fully satisfied with this work. We should expect more works from him from now on, and we should expect great movies from the cold hands.

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