Getting Closer with Enrico Casarosa, a Director of Pixar – Enrico Casarosa is a storyboard and director PIXAR. He was born in Genoa, Italy. Casarosa moved to America when he was 20 years old. After that, he started working at Blue Sky Studios as the storyboard artist of Ice Age. Then, In 2002, Enrico Casarosa joints the PIXAR and works as the director of some popular movies. Enrico Casarosa is not only a story artist and director, but he is also a writer. Do you know about La Luna’s film? In this film, Enrico Casarosa is a director and writer. As the reward of his dedication to La Luna film, he is rewarded as the nominee of the Academy Award in the category of Best Animated Short Film. Enrico Casarosa is also the head storyboard of The Good Dinosaur. He is also a part of the PIXAR Senior Creative Team in the making of Coco. Enrico Casarosa was also a storyboard artist of the Cars, Ratatouille, and Up movies.

The career of the Enrico Casarosa in PIXAR is the momentum of his career in animation production. As mentioned previously that Enrico Casarosa is contributed to the La Luna movie. At that time, not many people acknowledge him as the core of PIXAR animation. Why? Since at that time, Enrico Casarosa was not fully official working in the PIXAR. However, after La Luna got the achievement as the best short movie, he finally gets the acknowledgment. Then, PIXAR gave the opportunity to him to contribute to the movie namely Cars. This movie was one of the most popular movies at that time. The Cars movie also got the nominee in the Academy Award. It is also proof that Enrico Casarosa is one of the best animation makers. In 2017, Enrico Casarosa joint as the Senior Creative Team in the Movie of Coco. Then, he also participated as the head of the story and Senior Creative Team in The Incredibles 2. Those movies represent the talent and skill of Enrico Casarosa as the creative team and storyboard.

PIXAR is like a home for Enrico Casarosa. He has dealt with a lot of things during his time in PIXAR. He may need to fight about the plot, storyline, and other things that are correlated with the animation making. He also needs to help some other projects since he needs to upgrade his skills in the animation world. And because of this, PIXAR is like a home for him.

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