The Story of Enrico Casarosa and PIXAR – Do you like to watch an animation movie? Well, if you truly see in the credit section of the movie, you can find the name of Enrico Casarosa in some animation movies. Enrico Casarosa is a writer, storyboard, and director in PIXAR. He was born on October 19, 1970, in Genoa, Italy. As you probably know that Italy is one of the best countries in the art field. He was studying the animation in the School of Arts and illustration in The Fashion of Technology. After that, when he was 20 years old, he decided to move to the United States of America. He is married to Marit and has children whose name is Fio Giulietta.

The young Enrico Casarosa had a dream to be able to join the PIXAR. He tried his best but got some rejections in the PIXAR. In order to keep learning about animation production, he joined the Blue Sky Studio. In there, he was contributed as the storyboard artist of the Ice Age and Robots Movies. He also participated in the TV series of Disney Channel such as 101 Dalmatian as the storyboard artist and background designer. In 2002, Enrico Catarosa finally enrolled as one of the members of PIXAR Animation Studios. He worked as the storyboard artist for the Car Movie in 2006. Meanwhile, in 2007, he contributed to Ratatouille as the storyboard as well. These two movies brought Casarosa as one of the potential storyboards due to the nominee of Academy Award. Then, in 2009, he contributed to the UP movie as a story artist. In 2011, Enrico Casarosa started his new career as the director and writer of La Luna, a short movie. The glory of his time finally came since La Luna Movie got the achievement as the Best Short Animated Film in Academy Award. This movie also a symbol that he was known as one of the potential animation directors.

Enrico Casaro continued his story with PIXAR Animation Studios by contributing to some movies such as Piper and Coco. Enrico Casarosa contributed to those movies as a director. Since a lot of people like to watch Piper and Coco, he is known as the young and talented director. As mentioned previously that Enrico Casarosa is also a writer. In 2015, he was writing his first movie namely The Good Dinosaur. Based on his story, it can be concluded that he started his passion for animation production from the early young. Then, he started to fight and tried his best until becomes one of the most famous animation directors.

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