The Career History of Enrico Casarosa, a Director of Animation Movie – Enrico Casarosa is an Italian storyboard, writer, and director of the animation movie. He was born on October 19, 1970. His hometown is located in Genoa, Italy. Enrico Casarosa showed his passion for animation production when he was enrolled in two schools. He learned the animation in the School of Arts. On the other hand, he learned the illustration field in the Fashion of Technology. In his twentieth, Enrico Casarosa decided to move to the United States of America to reach his dream as the best animator. He lives in his wife, Marit, and his daughter whose name is Fio Giulietta.

Enrico Casarosa started his career in animation production when he joined the Blue Sky Studio. He participated in some movies as the storyboard artist such as Ice Age and Robots Movies. After that, he also contributed to the TV Series of Disney such as 101 Dalmatian. In this TV series, Enrico Casarosa acted as the storyboard artist and background designer. After trying for several times, in 2002, Enrico Catarosa joined the PIXAR Studios as one of the animation production members. He started his career in PIXAR by contributing to Car movie in 2006. In addition, he also contributed to the Ratatouille Movie in 2007. Meanwhile, in 2009, Enrico Casarosa acted as the story artist in the UP Movie. One of the greatest changes in his life is when he contributed to the making of La Luna, a short movie, as a director. La Luna got the Best Short Animated Film in Academy Award. After that, PIXAR started to recognize the talent and the potential skills of Enrico Casarosa.

la lunaHis career in PICAR started to blossom when he directed the short movie called La Luna or The Distance to the Moon. This movie was inspired by the Italo Calvino that made a story about a person who wants to go to the moon by riding a ladder. Enrico Casarosa created his own story by using the unique storyline and title. And, this was the reason for the story of La Luna’s title. On the other hand, the La Luna story told about the adventure of three men that were riding a boat on the sea. The three-man consisted of a grandfather, father, and son. Their adventure was always correlated with the moon. And, that’s how their adventure began. Enrico Casarosa also put his story in La Luna Movie. He was living with his father and grandfather. However, he didn’t have enough communication with them. Therefore, he changed the character and plot the three men as the representative of his family. He showed to the audience that all of the family should be able to have proper communication.

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