Enrico Casarosa Admits Hayao Miyazaki’s Work Influenced Him a Lot!
Pixar’s Oscar nominated director and writer Enrico Casarosa has been a brilliant mind on this creative industry. While he continues making the best work both adult and children can enjoy, people may not know that his creation is heavily influenced by Japan animation movies.Here is how the two world are actually connected.
1. Future Boy Conan
Growing up, Casarosa’s love on animation has been there. While he hasn’t been a celebrated animator back then, he loved watching a Japanese tv series. Most probably, the Future Boy Conan is the one series that get him into animation world. An interview, Casarosa happily mentioned that he admired these tv series fondly.

Back then, he only thinks about how cool Conan was. He can fly and he was surrounded with great mechanical stuffs. While admitting that the story is totally incredible, Casarosa realized later that the entire animation on the series is awesome. Like those who know online poker in  the first time and don’t want to stop playing.

2. Casarosa and Studio Ghibli
No one ever thought that this childhood admiration will continue into a close relationship between Casarosa and Miyazaki through Studio Ghibli. In the 1990s, Casarosa starts to work in animation, living his dream. Later, he saw feature films telling him that it is made by the person who created his favorite tv series back then.

Now, Miyazaki and Casarosa are good friends. While the animation movie director works at Pixar, he still loves many of Miyazaki’s works. One of the movies even inspire the name of his daughter.

Enrico Casarosa Admits Hayao Miyazaki’s Work Influenced Him a Lot3. Shared Qualities
Miyazaki’s work has been a real legend in animation industry. While it has different style to ones created in Pixar, these animation movies are still well respected and well loved by fans all over the world. Watching these movies since kids, Casarosa develops magnificent skill as well.

Casarosa’s works are known as perfect. It has the perfect animation style and design. The plot, the characters, and all details are well developed and carefully created for full entertainment. It is no wonder that he is always nominated in awards.

So an award winning animation story boar writer like Casarosa has a pretty long history when it comes to animation. He already knows he is into animation since childhood. Not only living his dream, he also manages to find the creator of his long time favorite animation tv series maker and becomes a good friend of this person too. Incredible.

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