Animators Need to Check This Animation Site! – The key to successful animation is how much the animator trains himself. Muscle and creativity You need to exercise to improve your work for the better and better. Instead of wasting your time on sites that don’t give you anything in return, you should consider accessing the following sites.

1. See Table
As you would expect from its name, this site belongs to Andreas Deja. On this site, he shares the wisdom of animation and offers a large collection of animation art from many masters, including Milt Kahl. The idea of ​​sharing things like online has become more popular, as has the site that offers lots of fun online gambling games. After you access, you learn a lot.

2. Animation Forum
This is one of the most dedicated animation forums. You can join the weekly character design contest, and talk with other animators. You might think online gambling is fun but it’s much more fun.

3. Insider Animation
If you are looking for an online library for animators, this is the place you are looking for. This site shares many interviews with so many animators sharing their experiences and tips. You can email them if you are willing to be an interview and there is always something new to learn here. If you want to improve, check this site.

4.The 11 Second Club
If you don’t know about this forum, you should know now. You will find an 11 second file that was just uploaded on the site for you to use. You can train your skills, and train your muscles with this file. Of course, you are destined to live it and learn it. Don’t worry about ranking. This is your chance to learn and be creative without limits.

5. King of Seven Golden Camels
This site has a very strange name but is actually Mark Kennedy’s blog. Kennedy works at Disney Feature Animation as the head of the story and he updates it randomly on this blog. Each post is something that is too valuable for the animator to go through. Find out why everything works and doesn’t work, and find the broken art process that you will appreciate here.

So yes, you also need to go out and see how the current world of animation. Look at the sites above and get free and unlimited access yourself to the learning process.

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