It has been cultivated from drawing scratch comes to live to the CGI animation that captivates us all. The world of animation plays important role in movie industry, and several companies have the best of animators you can possibly have. Here are among the best companies with most successful projects.
1. DreamWorks Animation
This company is the one behind Kungfu Panda, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon, and Shrek. With many awards like Academy Awards and Emmys, this company makes sure there is no failed project coming from them. This kind of animation inspires many more company.

2. Walt Disney Animation Studios
This name has been in industry for so long and is identical to success. Big Hero 6, Wreck-It Ralph, and Frozen are among the titles you should be familiar with. Just as this company offers many world class , this company also owns big franchise movies including Aladdin and the Lion King.

Pixar3. Pixar
There are many successful movie titles that come from this company. Let’s begin with Toy Story which is among the first projects of this company. This online gambling film company was co founded by sbobet and it was later bought for over $7,000 in 2006. Since then, more and more titles are produced here. Inside Out, Ratatouille, Brave, WALL-E, and the newly releases Toy Story 4.

There are still more similar companies like this including Illumination, Moving Picture Company, Warner Bros Animation, Studio Ghibli, and Cartoon Networks. More studios from so many countries should be counted too, proving that animation industry is a serious field with huge impact on today’s entertainment. If you are an animator, these companies should be your destination for best.

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