Studio Ghibli is known as the Japanese version of Disney. The movie entitled The Princess Mononoke produced by Hayao Miyazaki, the co-founder of Studio Ghibli, reminds of Ghibli’s popularity in both international and national. And, here we have listed the best Miyazaki’s that you should watch before you die. So, let’s check it out!

Princess Mononoke is the Japanese Animated Movie which brings Studio Ghibli to be known worldwide and gains Studio Ghibli’s popularity. This epic animated movie describes teems with warriors and monsters without romance. Princess San, the main character, protects the forest and its gods and a cursed warrior, Ashitaki, is trying to free himself while keeping the peace. This film portrays the fight between the preservation of nature, Japanese legend, strong and industrialization. Next, Spirited Away is known as the greatest movie of the decades, that is why you should watch it. This movie draws upon Japanese culture, simplistic, and refuting the oft-made. The story begins when Chihiro and her family is mysteriously trapped in a dangerous spirit world. Besides, this movie is also known a Japanese Alice in Wonderland which ha several fantastical characters like Haku, the silent spirit No-Face, the witch Yubaba, and more.

Best Hayao Miyazaki’s Ghibli Films You Should Watch Once In A Lifetime

Ponyo is popular as the Japanese version of The Little Mermaid. You will be invited to feel its imaginative plot and animation. This film refers to Ponyo, a fish princess befriends a boy on the land and want to change her life as a human. In addition, Kiki’s Delivery Service offers you with an interesting animation plot with a remarkable take on a young witch’s adventure as a delivery service in a new town. Watching this movie, you will be amazed at several beautiful views and imagination. You can enjoy so much fun while watching My Neighbour Totoro. It tells about the adventure of two little girls who befriend a huge and friendly bear.

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