If you love to watch the animated movie whether Asian or Western, do not you ever wonder how to make the movie? This article will answer your question about the animation techniques commonly used for Asian and Western animated movies.

In fact, there are many animation techniques used for making an animated movie, we will show you the most popular techniques used for Asian and Western animated movies. If you are a big fan of Studio Ghibli’s movies, this could be shocking info that the studio still uses a traditional hand-drawn animation technique. But, it still looks stunning, right? The traditional animation involves animators who draw by hand for each scene or frame.

Two Popular Types of Animation Techniques Used For Asian and Western Animated Movies

This technique requires creating one by one on the frame. Besides 2D animation also need to create drawings, then feed into plastic cells, paint them by hand and create the animated sequences on a painted background. In addition, some Western animated movie also uses this technique like Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, and Peter Pan. Experts believe that this technique delivers great detail but the process takes so many times.

However, Studio Ghibli uses computer animation for their movies including Princess Mononoke and The Neighbours the Yamadas. Digital paint is used to speed up the process. Besides, the Western movies, they tend to use computer animation especially CGI or Digital 3D animation. Computer animation is a process used for creating and generating animated images. The term of Computer Generated Images (CGI) creates both dynamic images and static scenes while computer animation is only for the moving images. This technique is commonly used for Western animated movies like Pixar’s movie including Toy Story, Cars, UP, and more. This technique can speed up the process of the making animated movies like a short film, full-length movies or even TV series.

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