For those who have watched the sequel of Cars might have known the name of Enrico Casarosa. He is one of the greatest animation artist that PIXAR has. That is because he is one of those few who have the amazing work over the sequel of Cars that was firstly released in 2006. Unfortunately, even though many people think that his career is steadily going up, that is not the real thing that happens to this artist from Italy. That is because his way to reach the current position is not as smooth as many people are thinking about. Enrico Casarosa has to struggle to get to his current position.

The first time Enrico Casarosa landed in New York, he is not able to make the amazing movies such as Toy Story, one of the best animation movies from PIXAR at that time. Because of that reason, Enrico Casarosa can only make the short movie. Amazingly, the short movie with seven minutes duration from Enrico Casarosa turns out to be his first masterpiece. This is also the stepping-stone of his career to make Cars, that later on turned out to be one of the best animation sequel from Enrico Casarosa.

Even though until this time Enrico Casarosa is known for his amazing masterpiece through Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3, the struggling is not that easy. During the first professional movie, Cars, Enrico Casarosa needs some years to finish everything including the main idea of the movie. Even after Cars was released in 2006, there is no information about the sequel of this movie. That is why Enrico Casarosa was trying to find some other ideas for the next movies. Fortunately, the hard works paid off. During the next two years, this Italian artist finally made two animation movies called Ratatouille and Up. Both of them were a success, but not the big success. Continuing the succession of those two movies, the second sequel of Cars finally released in 2011. Unfortunately, preparing the third sequel of Cars seems a bit hard for this Italian artist. Because of that reason, during the preparation of Cars 3, Enrico Casarosa only have one other movie called The Good Dinosaur that was released in 2015. Unfortunately, the result is not as good as it was expected so that the good result from Cars 3 is something that Enrico Casarosa was expected, and it turns out to be something amazing.

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