The name of Enrico Casarosa is going to the top of the list on animation Industry, especially when this man from Italy decided to go to New York and finally joined PIXAR. Who does not know PIXAR? Some of the masterpieces from Enrico Casarosa hit the theatre very hard such as Cars, Ratatouille, and the second sequel of Cars, Cars 2. However, there are not many people who know exactly that the real first masterpiece of Enrico Casarosa is not one of those movies mentioned above. It is called La Luna, the Distance to the Moon. This is something that only few people know about.

This first real masterpiece from Enrico Casarosa is actually based on the personal inspiration from Italo Calvino. There are not many people who know this name, but to be sure, Italo Calvino has written an amazing story about a character going to the moon with a ladder. This main storyline inspired Enrico Casarosa to create his own story about a journey to the moon. However, Enrico Casarosa wants to make something totally unique and authentic. That is when the title of La Luna comes in mind. The main storyline of La Luna is about the adventure of three men on a boat on the sea, a son, a father, and a grandfather. They are going across the sea on the raft but at some point, they end up having a great adventure related with the moon. Even though this story is considered as a short, this story written by Enrico Casarosa is becoming one great hit at the time.

Enrico Casarosa changes the main characters of the story because he remembered about his own family. That is because Enrico Casarosa was living with his father and his grandfather in a house. Unfortunately, there is not much communications that they have, especially from the grandfather. Even though, he loved all of the things he had, including his father and grandfather. That is where the main story of La Luna comes from. He wants to show the world that having least communication is not something good, but there are always positive aspects that you can get from that kind of story. There is a grand adventure waiting for these three men to search. If you are curious, you might want to watch this first amazing masterpiece of Enrico Casarosa called La Luna that you can search on some websites.

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