Enrico Casarosa can be considered as the core of PIXAR animation nowadays because he already has some movies under his name that hit the box-office. However, there are not many people who realized his name until his first professional debut came out with the movie called Cars. Yes, this movie from PIXAR is considered as his first professional debut because Cars is the first movie that was written by this animation maker. Even though there was a short movie called La Luna that was made before Cars, the name of Enrico Casarosa is not coming to the surface because Enrico Casarosa is not fully official to work together with PIXAR. After the fact, that La Luna had an award for the best short movie many years ago, PIXAR finally gave an appreciation for his work. After some times, the first professional masterpiece of Enrico Casarosa was released, Cars.


The main story of Cars tells you about the talking car, supercar, that is going to enter one of the biggest races in the world called Piston Cup. However, there is a problem that this supercar has to deal before the final race of the Piston Cup. During the time when the main character has to deal with the problem, there are a lot of amazing experiences that he get and this is the time when the story of this movie becomes amazing.

Even though this story looks a bit simple, but the creation of Enrico Casarosa is considered as something stunning. That can be seen from the awards that were given to this movie. One of them is the nomination for the Academy Award. This thing is considered as something totally amazing considering the fact that Enrico Casarosa has just started his work with PIXAR in few years. That is because Enrico Casarosa started his professional work with PIXAR in 2001 and this movie was released in 2002.

That is only a year of time before Enrico Casarosa can finally show his talent in the world of animation. Even up to this time, this young animation maker is still doing a lot of projects that are worth to wait up. Along with one of the best animation companies, PIXAR, Enrico Casarosa will surely be a great animation maker that many people are waiting to watch his upcoming masterpiece. Are not you thinking about the same thing from this animation maker?

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