PIXAR Animation Studio is considered as one of the biggest animation studios in the world. Having released a lot of amazing animations, you cannot simply deny that there are teams that helped all of the processes before the film was released. Among all of the workers comes the name of Enrico Casarosa. This Italian animation artist can be considered as one of the best animation artist that you can find in PIXAR. That is because he has been joining the main team in PIXAR since 2002. That is just few years after this Italian animation artist decided to move to US, New York to be exact in 2001.

As a teenager at that time, Enrico Casarosa tried the best to join the team in PIXAR. Unfortunately, there are a lot of rejects that he had because of his previous experiences. He mostly had the TV series animation rather than the animation movies. After being rejected for some times, he finally gets his chance to prove that he is worth. He firstly started with the short movie entitled La Luna. Amazingly, this short animation movie that was based on his personal story became a hit and gets an award. That is the turning point of his life. After being recognized by PIXAR, he started to help the main core team in PIXAR in many different projects such as Cars, Ratatouille and Up. Shockingly, all of those animations where this Italian animation artist contributed became a great hit so that his name is gradually climbing among all of the animation artists in PIXAR.

Even though there are some times when the projects where he contributed became a hit, there are also a lot of times when this Italian animation artist have to deal with the hard time such as the storyline, the plot, and many other things. Most of the time, Enrico Casarosa was told to help with some other projects in order to keep advancing in the world of animation. Even though this Enrico Casarosa has to struggle in PIXAR Animation Studio, this Italian animation artist is not giving up. In fact, he said personally that PIXAR is his home. Even though there are rough times when he has to fight for the project, he still loves PIXAR. It is something common that his name is not listed on the credit, but he still tries his best on every project with PIXAR.

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