PIXAR animation studio

Almost all of the people in this world know PIXAR animation studio. This animation studio is considered as one of the biggest animation studios that have released a lot of nice animation movies such as Cars, Toy Story, and the Incredibles. Unfortunately, nowadays there are a stink rumors saying that this animation studio is getting dull. That is because this animation studio is not as active as it used to be. In the old times, this animation studios can easily released at least one movie every ten to 12 months.

That means this animation studio will surely have one animation movie released every year. However, that kind of thing seems a little bit delayed nowadays since on the past few years this animation studio can only release one animation movie. In fact, there are some years when this animation studio only has one animation movie in 18 months.

That is not the only thing that made this animation studio is rumored so. There is also another thing that you need to know about the quality of their animations. Many of you might have noticed that the old PIXAR animations such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and the Incredibles are a great hit. However, nowadays it seems like the quality of the movies is going down. It is not on the animation part though. Some of the movies that have the lower rating are Brave, Coco, and the Good Dinosaur. Even though Coco is considered as a new release, there are a lot of rumors saying that the selling of this animation movie is not that good.

There is actually one more thing that highlights the rumors. It is the fact that PIXAR made the sequel of the famous animations that they have produced such as Cars and Toy Story. In the future, there are also rumors saying that the Incredibles will be released for the second sequel. With all of those things supporting the rumors about the quality of this animation studio, is it really true that this big animation studio is getting dull? That is the question that many people are questioning about.

If you are also curious about the future of this animation studio because you love the animation movies from PIXAR, you might need to wait in the next few years. That is because PIXAR has announced some of the movie projects that will be released for the next five years up to 2022.

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