PIXAR is known for its amazing animation movies. In fact, since many years ago, this animation studio has produced a lot of different animation movies and most of those movies are considered as the best that many families have to watch. However, behind the succession of this animation studio, there is a name of Enrico Casarosa as one of the best producers in this industry. Enrico Casarosa basically comes from Italy, but at one point of his live, he left the hometown and goes to New York, where the first time he joined PIXAR.

Enrico Casarosa as One of the Best PIXAR Producers

At the beginning of his career, Enrico Casarosa is not recognized by PIXAR itself. However, after the first amazing short movie called, the name is rocketing. That is the stepping-stone of his professional career with PIXAR. For your information, Enrico Casarosa has produces a lot of animation movies along his career with PIXAR. The masterpiece that he has with PIXAR is the sequel of Cars. This one is something totally amazing since there are not many animations from PIXAR that have the sequel. The greatest animation sequel from PIXAR is Toy Story that reaches has three different movies. As an addition, Toy Story needs many years to have the second and third sequel. However, Cars is not something like that. That is because the first movie of Cars was released around 2006 and the second and third sequel was released in 2011 and 2017. To make it simple, each of those movie needs about five years to be launched.

Enrico Casarosa as One of the Best PIXAR ProducersThat fact alone is the thing that can be simply considered as the fact that Cars that was made by Enrico Casarosa is becoming one of the best movies from PIXAR. Comparing the succession of Cars and Toy Story, you can simply say that Cars is better. That is because this movie only needs about five years to have the next sequel. That one is slightly different from Toy Story that needs about seven to eight years before you can finally watch the next sequel. For your information, as one of the best animation producers in PIXAR, Enrico Casarosa is not showing off. The only thing that he does is showing the world that he can make the amazing animation that attracts a lot of attention. That is also something that you can see from the other movies from PIXAR and Enrico Casarosa such as Ratatouille and Up.

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